Like women, men have also become more stylish and innovative when it is about their casual statement and fashion identity. Men's casual sweaters are now more than just a protective gear against winter and cold. Casual sweaters for men are now trendy and fashionable. There used to be days when most men wore typical and traditional pullover sweaters or sweaters with zipper, which was more polo-styled. Gone are the days where men had limited choices and had to choose from the dull colors such as black, gray, and plain blue. Today the online stores have a huge collection of stylish casual sweaters, which are actually a fresh breath from the traditional pullovers and sweaters. JumpUSA is a leading online store for men where you can get the latest and trendy casual sweaters for men.

Men, nowadays, are more adventurous and are eager to try new styles and trends. Sweaters have always been the favorite and popular winter wear for men; simply because it is the most versatile and easiest choice for winter clothing that can go with almost anything. On a casual day, you can just go with a sweater vest. You can pair them up with dress shirts that will add charm and style.

Here are few ideas of casual sweaters for men.

Cashmere Sweaters

The most popular type of casual sweater is the cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters are found in almost every style like a turtleneck or perhaps V-neck. These casual sweaters can actually fit into any occasion. You can wear them to a wine tasting event, or a casual meeting, or just to watch your favorite sport. The reason behind the popularity of the cashmere sweaters is the fabric, which is a very luxurious choice because of the material's versatility and softness. Cashmere sweaters can help you in creating an ideal wardrobe. You can try the basic colors such as gray and black with khaki pants or jeans to get a stylish and sharp look.

V-neck Pullovers

V-neck pullovers are very popular among men because of the casual feel that these sweaters bring with them. These are very comfortable and are perfect as casual wears. You can wear them with polos or t-shirts with jeans and get that perfect casual look. Sometimes, they are worn beneath a jacket as well. V-neck pullovers also look very good with shirts as well. The most interesting thing about v-neck pullovers is that they can be paired with almost all kinds of clothing. They can give you a perfect casual look as well as a formal look, depending on what you pair them with.


Cardigans are usually considered as old and traditional, which are usually worn by older people. But that is not true! Cardigans are now being accepted widely by the younger generation. The modern cardigans are now made of wool, cotton, or cashmere. These new and modern cardigans are fashionable as well as very stylish. Cardigans are very comfortable because they are breathable and thin and you can wear them beneath your jacket. There are actually many ways to pair them. You can wear them under a blazer, over a simple t-shirt, or even a dress shirt.

Polo Sweaters

Polo sweaters are also gaining popularity among the younger generation. Polo sweaters are versatile and comfortable. Interestingly, polo sweaters are sometimes worn in the summer as well. They are perfect for warmer weather and are generally made of cotton. Polo sweaters usually have short sleeves. Polo sweaters can give a formal look; however, if paired with jeans they can also give a perfect casual look as well.

These are the common types of casual sweaters that a man usually prefers. If you are planning to start buying casual winter wears, then you should definitely look at the latest winter collection of JumpUSA.

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