There is an incessant debate around the word feminist. Feminists, feminazi… they are just the terms to describe a person who believes in the equal rights of a woman, on the ground of equality for both the genders. One of the most buzzed around topic for women’s equal rights is that both men and women should work. If you compare the statistics of last year to present, you will see that the number of working women has increased drastically.

Ask any working professional, how difficult it is to find clothes that are work-appropriate. The clothes that you wear on a daily basis are different from the clothes that you can wear at your workplace. Offices and other corporate places like colleges, hospitals, schools, etc. have a strict dress code that cannot be violated under any circumstances. Unlike casual wear, work clothes are more sophisticated and elegant. You can always play with colors and patterns but never truly change the style.

So, what shall you wear to your office?

Every woman should have a classic capsule wardrobe for her work-wear but if you’re confused on what to wear to your work, then we are here to help you out!

Firstly, you should be aware what kind of dress code do you have at your workplace? Is it casual? Formal? Semi-formal or if it requires a uniform of some kind.

Is there a specific color scheme that needs to be followed?

Women Casual Clothing, Pants, shirts. Tunics, work dresses, formal blouses, are some of the things that you can wear to your workplace.

How to team up your work-robe?

Choose a main piece- like bottom-wear or a top-wear. Suppose it is a top, what the color, is it bright or is it dull. Always remember that bottom and top-wear should always complement each other.

If the top wear is dull, wear a dark or a bold colored pants/denim and vice-versa.

If one of your clothes has some sort of pattern like block prints, floral, stripes, then make sure that the other is more subtle so that your look doesn’t come off as too strong.

If you are planning to wear a skirt or a dress to work, wear a nice pair of heels with it. Block heels or ballerinas are the perfect shoes that you need to look like you mean business.

Wear a ruffle top with a plain-Jane pair of pants, accompanied with a nice pair of footwear, preferably plain ballerinas, on the day you feel like styling yourself.

wear a bright pair of plain palazzo pants with a plain white or a black top. It will not only make you feel stylish but it actually looks like a stylish jumpsuit.

wear a nice coat or a formal jacket if you have a meeting to attend. It looks extremely stylish and very powerful too, along with a nice pair of heels (peep-toes or platforms)

Colors that you should consider wearing to office- Tan, dark blue, white, maroon and black.  Here are a list of products that you can purchase from the JumpUSA . Each clothing piece is inspired by the elite equestrian lifestyle so that you look your best at work, each day:


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