Take a look around your office and notice everybody, particularly women, what are they wearing? You will notice them wearing sneakers, leggings, loose t-shirts, jeans, slip-ons, etc. because over time, pants, ties, shirts, blazers have become an infrequent trend. Forget others, take a look at yourself. Are you wearing formal clothes? Probably semi-formal but not formal. Even if you are, you would be lying if you say that you will prefer to wear formal clothing each day over comfortable casual clothes!

What we wear today, do you think that it would have been considered appropriate or even considered as proper work wear a decade ago? The ceremonious work-wear pattern has dwindled significantly and informal wear has managed to make its way as the new ‘work-wear’. Work-wear is changing and why is it changing? Because how we work, where we work and when we work, all have changed drastically over the last few years and definitely, we are not into carrying the corporate look all the time, are we? For every corporate slave, there are categorically two options to wear. Either we are wearing tedious clothes that scream ‘I am a work-slave’ or our own version of zhuzhed up attire that probably wouldn’t be allowed to wear at formal events and institutions.

Our generation is the smartest, quickest and the most tech-savvy one till date. We didn’t even realize when technology took over our lives and we became completely depended on our smart devices for the smallest of the things. So even when it comes to fashion, we look it up online. Still confused about what to wear? Read below:


1) Ditch your boring pants for a smart formal skirt: Imagine wearing a white shirt with a slightly dark colored skirt with pumps or block heels, sounds good right? Once in a while, you can wear skirts in place of pants and feel all feminine and good about yourself.

2) Play with patterns: if dressing formally is the code in your office, you are doomed, right? No because you can always play with colors, patterns, and prints. Go for stripes, polka dots, abstract with and even patch work and don’t let the boring outfit let you down.

3) Funky blazers: Sometimes, all you need is that one thing that makes all the difference. Add some funky, bold printed blazers in your wardrobe that you can wear it to your office. That way, you don’t even violate the dress code and also look fab at the same time. Talk about a double whammy!

3) Make heels your best friend: Everyone wears bellies and flats but what if you wear formal clothes each day and wish to feel different in spite of the same boring clothes? Pumps, wedges, peep-toes, you can never go wrong with heels. Animal print or a bright colored one, revamp your formal wear because heel way is the right way.

4) Red lips can never go wrong: Red lips is the solution to everything. Is a mood bad? Wish to look different? Not feel like dressing up? Just put on the red lipstick and see how confidence comes crawling back to you.

5) Smize and Accessorize: If you are not that of a dresser, then you can always make your look a standout with accessories. Statement earrings or a cute little pendant, a matching bag or just something as simple as a headband, there are multiple ways to look different with same clothes each day.

Whatever you do, remember to smile as it is the best thing you need!

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