The introduction of Polos:

The original equestrian trend of Polo is back and is here to stay.  First introduced as an official attire for horse riders, the collared top-wear aka polos have evolved and come a long way. The earliest origin for polos can be traced back to the late 1950s, captured in photographs of the horse riders.

Polos, once, were associated only with elite class and the people whose profession required riding horses. It was considered to be the professional type of clothing but times change and with the time good things happen. Polos evolved and now we get polos for every occasion.

Change in fashion trends and Polos for every occasion:

Changes in fashion can be seen as what was fashion a few decades ago is now being referred to as “vintage”. Fashion has changed and so has its meaning and definitely the fashion trends. In a time where doing something different with your usual attire is considered to be fashionable, polos have definitely secured a good place for themselves and after being absent from the fashion scene for some time, now it back for good. Times are changing but fashion is eternal. No wonder fashion designers spent so much time on each detail for their seasonal collections. Each collection has so much idea, design, hard-work, and turmoil behind it. 

Wearing polo is now considered as a style statement. Fashion bloggers to celebrities, all are wearing it and everyone recommends wearing it. Unlike the vintage style which was more formal than casual, the polos that we wear today is more casual, smart, comfortable and definitely better and is continuously getting different versions. Polo shirts, tunics, t-shirts and even polo dresses are basically the hybrids of the traditional and original Polo that were popular in the seventies and eighties.

Polos, once, were associated with the elite and professional type of clothing but now times have changed and so are the fashion trends

Why every woman should consider adding Polos in their everyday attire:

We live in this modern millennium where looking bad is so not an option for the woman who is determined to look great, every time and every day. From clothes with tassels to colored pants to color blocking, some styles came and went but polos are back, although being absent for a small time.

The collar is what makes all the difference- a shirt or even a t-shirt, makes anyone look better instantly. Try a change, add the magic of polos to your look and see yourself becoming more confident. There is a reason they are so heavily demanded and why so many huge brands endorse their polo products.

Polo t-shirt for women is great option to wear for every occasion, be it a hangout with pals, board meetings, parties and even to simply chill at homes. Look effortlessly stylish with polo t-shirts for women and rock your look. Stripped, patch-work, plain, animal print and even abstract designs, wear this collared beauty with pride and style.

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