Style speaks. It is a not-so-common language only a few understand and if you are well-versed with this language, then you are at the right place.

Contemporary fashion for men has slowly become a thing as more and more fashion designers are showcasing their fashion expertise on the ramp. Take a look at this year’s Paris Men Fashion Week and you will notice the world renowned fashion moguls vying up the ante and are pushing the fashion boundaries with their style antics. Men skirts (yes skirts!), high-waisted pants, stripes, color blocking, etc. were said to be dominating the runaway. But, let’s get real- we cannot wear this in India, at least not every day. So, what type of clothing and accessories does one need to look extra-ordinary with minimalistic efforts?

If you are looking for suggestions to add something spectacular to your wardrobe or simply looking to notch up your style quotient, then read on... just remember, in a world full of trends, be gentlemen

1) The classic white shirt

White is such an enduring and a calm color which exudes such tranquillity. There is something about the color white which looks vintage and sophisticated at the same time and every man should have at least one white shirt in his wardrobe. Be it a corporate event or just a casual gathering, you can look the best with a simple white shirt!.

2) Striped polos for the ultimate style

Polos have been defining the fashion scenario since the late 1990s. Started as the ‘uniform’ for the horse riders, polo shirts and T-shirts have come a long way, transitioning from a uniform to becoming one of the most preferred semi-casual wear.


3) Check pants to look elegant

Wish to look your best, instantly? Ditch your normal pants and wear check pants instead. These pants give you the comfort of easy movement all day long with its four-way feature.


4) Camouflage, maybe?

Love to experiment with your look frequently? Then you need this theme t-shirt in your wardrobe to create a stir with your look, anywhere.



5) The classic denims to the rescue

Denims. Why do we need denims? Has denims ever let anyone down? Denims are the staple wear for every occasion. And why shouldn’t it be? It looks good with everything.


6) Stylish shorts are here to stay

Scorching heat proving to be troublesome for you? Say no more fam! Shorts are back and here to stay. Team it up with loafers and you are good to slay office fashion like a total pro.



7) Own up your style with a jacket

Complete your look with a jacket. Jackets are a life saviour, aren’t they? All you need is a jacket and you are ready to take the town by the storm. You can literally hide you shabby clothes under a good jacket and still look the best.

8) Pink sweater for men

Yes, you read it right. But why particularly pink, is that you ask? First of all, pink is not to be associated only with the woman. Men can (and should) wear pink too. Team it up with  very light blue collared t-shirt or a white shirt and look who’s now grabbing eye-balls with his style?



  9) Play it cool with casual shoes

 Shoes can either make our break your look. Look carefree yet stylish with casual shoes that are so much in demand these days.

10) Corporate shoes

Complete your gentlemen look with the perfect pair of shoes. Wear your favourite shirt with the most suitable pair of pants, a great belt, wallet and you my sir, will look like a star. 

Dress appropriately and elegantly. Never compromise on the style because being a true gentlemen never goes out of fashion.

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