In his unerring fashion, fashion mogul Tom Ford once rightly said that “Dressing Well Is a Form of Good Manners” and he couldn’t be more correct. Dressing up is an art, a serious business. It has become a profession. It is not just about looking graceful anymore but to cause a stir with one’s looks. How you dress, reflects directly on your personality and how serious you are in your daily routine. If you take out proper time to get well dressed, it shows that you are the kind of person that respects yourself and the other person’s presence. Irrespective of the occasion, one should always dress appropriately.

First impression may or may not be the last impression but how you dress exhibits your seriousness and confidence. First impression does matter and no one gets another chance to make the same impression twice and dressing plays a pivotal role in making an impression.

There are multiple options to wear but not every clothing item is suitable for every occasion. For example, you can wear shorts to a casual hangout or while running errands but definitely not in an office or a school meeting.

So here’s a step by step guide on how to make the right impression with your dressing sense.

1) What’s the occasion? - is it formal, informal, a family gathering or just a brunch? Pick your clothes accordingly.

2) Clothing sense- Shirts either goes with pants or denims or even skirts (for girls), it’s as simple as that. Even though if you feel like experimenting with your look, always remember not to look

3) The right color combination- color sense is as important as the dressing sense. One cannot just wear contradicting colors. It should be a suitable combination of light and dark colors.

4) The right accessories and footwear- accessories and footwear complements the look for the better. And most importantly- smile! It is the best accessory ever.

And most importantly- smile! It is the best accessory ever.

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