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What kind of a personality do you have? Serious? Studious? Flirty? Gentlemen type? Adventurous? Whatever may be your personality or however you would like to describe yourselve, we have something new and unique for you guys. So are you guys ready for something different, something revolutionary?

Introducing a new range of equestrian inspired clothing range that is stretchy. Yes, you read it right- it is super stretchy as it is made from the super comfortable and technical fabric known as the bamboo fabric which allows easy movement all day long with maximum stretch and comfort. Not only that, the fabric absorbs sweat to keep you cool and dry all day.

This technology is not yet used by any other brand in the market, making it an all exclusive range from the house of JumpUSA- the only purely equestrian brand of India. The new range is available for everyone to wear and includes both top-wear and bottom-wear allowing you to move, stretch, play and jump, all day long.

One of the most popular product from our innovative range is the four-way stretch Casual pants that are selling like hot cakes. Pants are the staple option to wear everywhere. Although pants are commonly associated with the formal and corporate type of settings but if you wear pants to a casual hangout, a night out or even a date, you are bound to look extra classy and it will definitely give you the extra edge.

Add the instant dose of style and elegance with pants. And if you have to wear them all day long, then the men stretch pants is an option that you should likely consider. Freedom to move all day long, along with the class, now who wouldn’t want that? Head to Connaught place to shop for stretch pants for men and look elegant, equestrian style!

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