Asian Games 2023: India wins Gold, first Equestrian yellow medal in 41 years

In the dressage event happening at Asian Games 2023, India secured its third Gold Medal on the Day 3. The Equestrian team wins the hearts of everyone and secures the top spot during the dressage event.

During the dressage event, on September 26, Tuesday the Equestrian team was seen at the top-of-the podium finish securing the third Gold medal for India in the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou.

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After 41 years, we can once again see the power of togetherness when Anush Agarwalla, Hriday Chheda, Divyakriti Singh, Sudipti Hajela came together and combined their horses to secure great score of 209.205 making India win its first ever gold after a long drought of 41 years. This is the heart warming news for which every Indian is feeling proud of.

China (204.882 points) and Hong Kong (204.852 points) were seen securing second and third place respectively.

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Years ago at the 1982 Games, Raghubir Singh won the Gold in Eventing individual event in New Delhi and the last bronze medal in the dressage came to India during the 1986 edition.

The dressage happened was absolutely thrilling where we can see the amazing power of Chheda and Emerald (horse name) scored 69.941, Divyakriti and astride Adrenalin Firdod (horse) got 68.176, while Sudipti and astride Chinski sacred 66.706 making the great change for India and letting it win a gold on Day 3 of the Games.

A significant impression was left by Indians at Asian Games 2023, as India can be seen securing 12 medals particularly in specific sports.

This was a very emotional moment for everyone, as the young riders stayed away from their families and worked so hard to make India proud. One of the youngest, Sudipti from Indore had tears in her eyes and claimed that, “We have worked hard for many years away from our families”.

So, once again the Indian National Anthem was heard aloud, and our Tiranga can be seen flying high, giving goosebumps to every Indian heart.

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