When you think of casual wear, your favorite pair of denim with your cute tees or those comfy blouses come to your mind, right? What if we told you that your options are not limited to this? Well, in this fashion forward century you can have much more to pick when it comes to dressing casual. If you believe that dresses have only a formal air to them, then you are clearly mistaken.

For many years a dress was called an occasional wear, like who would want to put on a dress until it was something special! Thanks to the great minds in the fashion industry, our most favorite piece of clothing (read dresses) were reinvented and made to fit a look that one can pull off every day without making anyone wonder ‘what special could it be today?’. Dresses used to be the most feminine piece of clothing a woman can own. But again as the times have changed, the way one looks at a dress has changed too. Today, you can pull off any look that you want with a dress and the biggest segment of it is casual dressing. 

Whether it is going to the mall with your lovely ladies or a regular day at work, casual dresses are making their way into the lives of women all over the globe. So, what kind of dresses are actually casual and what not? Well to answer that, whenever you put on a dress and you feel that you can go about a regular day without being too self-aware, that my friend is a casual clothing for you. It does not matter if it is too plain or has a lot of bling until it stops representing who you are. 

There are a million options to choose from when it comes to picking out a perfect casual dress for you. The biggest sensation right now are those oh so pretty and comfortable maxi dresses. You can simply put on a maxi dress and maybe put on a pair of goggles to head out to work or to anywhere you want to go. To amp it up, you can always add a chic belt to make your look complete and don’t worry, you can put on your favorite sneakers to go with it. If you want something even more casual, pick out a slip dress which is huge on runway this season. If you want a little less casual and a little more glam, go for a sheath dress. Pick any color or pattern that you like and it will be a classy statement maker. 

If you want extreme comfort, you can also pick out one of those shift dresses which are extremely comfortable to move around in. You can wear them with a pair of sneakers or you can just slip into those block heels that are too comfortable to get through the day. The best thing about a casual dress is that you can wear them with any footwear and it would never go wrong. You can even wear these with boots and at the end of the day if you want to get too comfortable, you can even change into flip-flops and that too will be statement worthy. 

Woman, its time you ditch those oh-so-common jeans and shirts and show off some legs. Reinvent yourself with some trendy dresses for your casual everyday life!
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