Your quick guide on how to wear celebrity style athleisure to look sure-fire

Your quick guide on how to wear celebrity style athleisure to look sure-fire

The athleisure trend isn’t a fashion fad, it is rather a lifestyle essential for millennials. As a matter of fact, athleisure wear, especially yoga pants for women, has become a style staple, and why not? It offers a casual and relaxed feeling to the wearer while looking picture-perfect!

With constant innovations in the style and technology department, current athleisure styles fall anywhere between being ‘cute as a bug’s ear’ to being ‘all the rage'. 


Everyone (and their mothers 😮) occasionally indulges in the guilty-pleasure of skimming through the social media profiles of sculpted celebrities sporting the athleisure trend. Even if you don’t do so on purpose, you still see pictures of celebrities rocking an extensively cool ensemble or something hot as a blue blazer on random Instagram hashtags, and Facebook posts! Nonetheless, we all gawk and swoon over celebrity athleisure looks. 

With that said, it is something we all love. So, we decided to help you recreate 5 athleisure looks. The ladies sporting these looks have been our (yep, your and our) heartthrobs ever since they drank from the holy grail of stardom.

Why let the good things wait? Let’s get on with it:

A subtle note for the reader: 

We are recreating these celebrity looks, and not duplicating them in any manner. We are proud that we deliver great style and enduring quality at affordable prices, so take it easy! Scroll down and let us know which look would you pick? Or would you like to explore and recreate a recreated look? (that’d be fun though!) 

Our first pick for you is as chic as Kendall Jenner herself!



This ensemble features a basic white t-shirt, sleek-black yoga pants, and a faux leather jacket from our collection. 

Wear the t-shirt with bun-knot at the front, and that’s chic. Wear it unaltered and that’s a basic look. How sassy do you look is up to you!

For the second pick, we have put together this ensemble to reclaim the kick-ass actress Chloe Grace Mortez’s girl-next-door look.


athleisure wear

If this is your kinda vibe, know that we have put together a grey top, maroon yoga pants, and a faux leather jacket to achieve this ‘susegad’ look.

While we were thinking of the third pick, something someone was inevitable. 

Here’s what you’ll need to redo Selenita’s look. 


A pastel-blue crop top, and sleek-black yoga pants.(Ahh... That’s all, dearie!)


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Since Kendall Jenner has been setting fiery athleisure trends in 2019,  we could not resist taking a little more inspiration from her for the fourth pick.


The look is complete with a black sports bra, sleek-black yoga pants, and a sports jacket from our collection of athleisure wear for women

It is a fallacy if we lead anybody into a trend without having solid proof of the fact that the trend is a hit. That it’s a straight-A look. That it’s something you’re gonna love like a love song. (hello, song reference!)

Who else if not Gigi Hadid, justifies the athleisure trends of 2019? 

Here’s the fifth pick recreating the Gigi-factor.


This look showcases a black mock neck sweater and black yoga pants with mesh panels.

 Nonetheless, if you are a sweet yet resolute lady, or, if you are a punk-head who likes boys’ sweatshirts and hoodies, replace the sweater with this black men’s hoodie for a laid-back look! 

Until next time…

See, the thing with social media shots is that you and we can not get enough of celeb styles. We recreate the oh-so-haute-couture celebrity looks, making a point that one doesn’t have to be a swam in the sea of diamonds to dress on fleek. All one needs is a spiritual style awakening or a maestro. Our passion for fine-fashion helps us render the effortless-American style under an affordable budget. Need we mention that we are here for you? (We are here for you, lovely lady!) 

However, a few ends are the beginnings of a new and exciting journey. We will be back with more fashion and style insights in the blink of an eye. (well, make that a couple of hundred blinks!) Meanwhile, remember that you are born beautiful, and “let nothing dim the light that shines from within.”

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