The one running ensemble you’ll have to cop from Milind Soman

The one running ensemble you’ll have to cop from Milind Soman

You’ll be lying if you say, you ain't jealous of Milind Soman. At 52, he is fitter than his half-generation; is still able to make women swoon and is literally living the life you’ve dreamt of. Milind has been running for decades now and has made a successful career out of fitness, along with his successful stints in modeling, acting and even film producing. His fitness training is not only an inspiration for millennial but also for who are in their 50’s.

So if you really want to get jaw-dropping style like him, here are the outfits that will surely give you the statement look for park jogs, ultra-marathons, gym, cycling or even while relaxing at the beach.


Check out these finesse fitness look-book of Milind Soman and get inspired:


1. Milind Soman knows how to liberate the legs and go with the wind.


2. Consider the freestyle from Milind Soman, to complete your ultimate travel wish-list of trekking.


3. Embrace the Neon-bright shorts as Milind Soman’s, that totally revive the feeling for “free”.


4. Running can be extremely energizing when you copy this track shorts from Milind Soman.


5. Morning can be tranquilized if you breathe in air, cover mists in eyes and jog for the day ahead like Milind Soman.


6. Hit the roads like Milind Soman and engage your outfits with the surroundings.


7. Monochrome is a true chic, especially for men. Go basic with half-tights as Milind Soman is nailing the dapper look.


8. If you’re an early morning or late-night runner, Milind Soman ensembles have covered Y'all.


These pictures truly convey that Milind Soman is like a glass of wine and he has aged gracefully. For now, you’ve understood that Milind Soman is not only his trainer but also his own style guru, who believes in minimalistic stuff. He is a classic trendsetter of how to live your 50’s like a boss. So the take away here is to prioritize comfort while dressing to bring out the suave confidence.


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