We picked 10 best Dressed people in India to follow on Instagram immediately

We picked 10 best Dressed people in India to follow on Instagram immediately

Fashion has no ends -neither age nor boundaries, truly. And these fashionistas are leaving no room for paparazzi. We’ve picked the most alluring fashion list of 10 individuals, who combine intelligence and innate fashion to set the country’s gold standard. These B-town top liners; neon-bright stylers; game-changing designers; and all style statement-makers will tell you that vogue is “serious business”.

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  1. Arjun Saluja

The charming and rising designer has always managed to pull off the most difficult of tricks to move forward while staying true to his roots.

  1. Sanjiv Shanmugam

This Bengaluru real estate magnate knows how to mix the classics just enough to keep them interesting.

  1. Summiyya Patni

You never know what the House of Misu blogger is going to turn up in – but you can be sure it won’t be boring.

  1. Acquin Pais

A total stud, who twists every drop of mojo out of a suit, while dressing like an alt-rocker off the clock. Blame it on being a model with a top knot and a body covered in tats.

  1. Mitali Sagar

The other half of House of Misu brings an energy and freshness to fashion that some in her orbit can match.

  1. Saba Azad

We can totally get behind this musician’s hipster silhouettes and delightfully indie vibe.

  1. Tashi Pedy

The young model brings ease to style. How else do you pair denim and stripes with lacy lingerie?

  1. Harshvardhan Kapoor

He embodies the newbie celebrity style: high-end designer ensembles and sportswear-inspired silhouettes. Also, someone ensures that sneaker collection pronto.

  1. Rikee Chatterjee

Only few can pull off busy, loud co-ords like this top model. Height definitely works.

  1. Shahid Kapoor

The owner of not only one of the sleekest wardrobes in the land, but also of an impeccably groomed beard.

It’s never too late to get inspired by these voguish-individuals. Follow them and be the next style hit-makers.


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