Must-Know Socks Fashion that will Make a Statement

Must-Know Socks Fashion that will Make a Statement

Probably the most neglected and most important accessory that we own is a pair of socks! Right from our infant days to winter years, we have numerous memories with socks. We run away from wearing them, we own a pair in school that goes more than a decade with us, we hang them on Christmas, we get a special one for our cousin’s wedding, and what not? Can you forget or stop imagining about the first day of office, and pressure of choosing the right pair of socks? 

They are the saviors who saved us from shoe bites and sweat along with completing our look. Yes, the most ignored once, resting under the heap of clothes, socks are indeed important for hygiene as well as completing the look. And did we considered setting a style statement with socks? 

different types of socks

Yes, style statement. It’s not socks’ fault if you are limited to a few options, and have hidden them under your footwear for ages. Trust us, the market is flooded with different socks type: patterned socks, athletic socks, shoe liners, split-toe socks, trendy frills, and edgy stirrup there is a variety available to experiment with. 

Moreover, no one of us is oblivious to the digitalized era where all you need to type is socks online on the search bar and the world of the internet will expose you towards all the options. Keeping all the fashion, hygiene, and availability aspects in mind we are coming up with the list of socks type that you can try out this year!! Gentlemen are usually on the backfoot when it comes to fashion thus, we need your more attention because we will be discussing the exclusive type of socks for men too. 


Without much ado, let's dive-in in the world of socks and get spoiled by the choices they offer!!

Knee Length Socks:

knee length socks

Is your favorite session winter, and you can’t get enough of boots? Then these are the must-have items in your wardrobe. These knee-length socks will complete your winter looks by complimenting your footwear, along with giving you an edgy high-fashion look. Moreover, these socks are perfect for outdoor activities and will keep you protected from tough weather.


Pain Reliever Socks

Our feet go through a lot, being on a car’s clutch for long during traffic jams, walking or standing for long hours. Especially when you are women, your feet suffer a little extra when you decide to flaunt those dazzling pair of heels. Our feet indeed bear a lot of pain for us and these pain reliever socks are definitely a boon. Got heel spurs, Arch pain or Foot pain? Simply google pain reliever socks online and get rid of all.


Get that Ultra Femme Look with Fish Net Socks

They come in only two shades; black and white, and this is enough explanation for the exclusivity of the thing we are talking about. They are supremely chick and stylish and can go perfectly well with your sexy pumps or cool canvas shoes. Carry them with anything, and they will not you down from achieving that ultra-edgy look.


Athletic Socks for the Sports Lovers

athletic socks

If your mantra is, “sore is the new sexy”, then these socks are must-have for you. Along with giving you a sporty feel, they are your best buddies for a workout or any other physical activities, be it cycling, running, trekking or walking. Moreover, they keep sweat at bay and prevent you from blisters. These socks are majorly considered men socks and come in three colors. Gentlemen, these socks are a must-have when you dig in the men socks online segment for your socks purchase!! On the other hand, these athletic socks are designed for women too and can be owned by girls who are thinking of shading some weight.


Make your Heels are Little Sexier with Cuban Heel Stockings

Heels are the footwear that makes a girl a woman (okay, no hard rules but you can’t deny they are super sexy) but what comes uninvited with is choosing the perfect socks. Yes, along with the pain. To your rescue, introducing the show stopper, the Cuban Heel Stocking. These are undoubtedly the best women socks. That comes in three colors and has an opaque cuff and a string of stocking. Complete your look when carrying that vintage styled dress with Cuban Heel Stockings.

Calf Socks for Fashion Forward Men, and Your Fashion Forward Man.

calf length socks

If you are a fan of penny loafers shoes then calf length socks are must-haves for you. Loafers are edgy, stylish, and chic, and they can make you turn into a fashion icon if you carry them with the right shoe liner or socks. Calf length socks are the perfect pairing with loafers, moreover, you can pull an absolute dapper look by wearing them with your regular sneakers too. What can look as sexy as a vintage suite complemented with classic loafer and patterned socks of calf style?

Transparent Socks

Socks that are transparent. Do we need to explain more? These are for sure must-haves for summers!! Crafted with the combination of cotton, spandex, and polyester they are thin shoe liners that cover your feet, toes, and ankles.


Dress Socks for the Formal Look

Dress socks for formal look

Gone are the days when men were pressurized bread earners of the house and had no affliction with style sense at the workplace. A pair of stylish socks and help you make a statement at the workplace along with making you attentive. Complete your office dress code with an appropriate shoe and complimenting dress socks. Moreover, there are many pretty options available in dress socks for the lovely ladies too!!

A Perfect Pick for the Date night, Fence Net Socks

They are sassy, they are sexy, they are for sure very erotic. Laced with geometric patterns and made with acrylic and spandex they made a perfect pairing with your LBD to set the milieu on fire. These socks are a sure deal to see that mesmerizing look on their face, whether you are one who is wearing or the one who is gifting.


For the Freebirds, we have Slip-On Socks or No Show Socks

no show socks


Popularly known as No Show Socks these socks are indeed a blessing for the people who avoid wearing anything under their shoes. This slick item goes really well with your loafers and is perfect in summers to beat the sweat.


Crew-Length Socks for Every Outfit

crew length socks

Men are clumsy when it comes to play dress up game, they just can’t invest much time in deciding what goes well with what. For that Crew-Length socks come for rescue!! They go well with every kind of outfit and are available in different patterns and colors. Here we go guys, we got you comfort and option at the same place with crew-length, and girls can sport them too with there thigh pretty dresses. 


Get Health Benefits with Compression Socks

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle comes along with extended working hours and socializing with colleagues. Makers of these socks do understand the intricacies of being a working man/woman and thus designed compression socks to improve blood flow. These socks help in preventing muscle soreness by inducing even flow of blood in legs along with the proper flow of oxygen.


Patterned Socks to Add Up Fun

patterned socks

Patterned socks are fun!! Take a break from your monotonous life and let the world of colors and patterns swoon you. Is the weather gloomy outside? Be sunshine by applying the brightest hue of lipstick you own, with an ankle-length dress and a pair for pattern socks. And, who said experimenting with colors is feminine? We request gentlemen reading this to put this toxic masculinity in the garbage bin and see what all patterns and colors have to offer. A black ankle-length trouser paired with brown leather shoes and yellow socks will set a statement in any gathering or event you are going. All you need is little confidence and a mojo!


We hope that we are able to expand your knowledge about socks, and now you have a wider idea of this vital accessory.

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