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“It’s only the gym”, you say to defend your baggy T-shirt and old exercise PJs. This may be true, however, looking and feeling your best will no doubt help you motivate levels as you endeavour to get fit.

Perplexed about colours and style for a way to revamp your workout gear? Here are top tips to grab for looking and feeling good in the gym.


  1. Layer up


Layering up is a great deal for those who don’t feel comfortable in head to toe lycra. Being able to peel off the layers also means you avoid overheating on the treadmill or shivering on the mats.


  1. Opt Tights


A pair of high-waisted, form-fitting tights that sculpts will automatically increase your confidence and is a must to invest. Opt for the flattering black pair, or go for colour if you’re feeling brave.


  1. Statement sports Bra


The extra-high-intensity sports bra is perfect for the gym. Wearing the right sports bra is imperative to your workout. It should be comfortable, yet firm coverage of the sides of the breast tissue is very important to reduce movement sideways and prevent sagging. It should feel like a second skin.


  1. Overalls


It’s easy to disregard the fit of a t-shirt or a pair of tracksuit bottoms - but it really does matter. Too small and your get-up will be far from flattering; too big and you’ll risk getting caught up in the machinery. Whatever style you prefer, make sure you get the correct size and shape for you.


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