What to Pack For Fam-Bay-Vacay?

What to Pack For Fam-Bay-Vacay?

Young and old, big and small, everyone needs to have a good time to make a family vacation a true success. From Dubai’s exciting beaches and adventure zones to coming up close and personal with wildlife in Kenya, these destinations are perfect for your next ‘better together’ vacation! 

And c’mon, who doesn’t want a family excursion with matching outfits goal?

So if you’re looking for whimsical family-pack dresses then put a stop, we’ve got you covered! Check them out here!


Urban Stop




Places to be explored in the city, visits to relatives’ place, friends with whom you haven’t sipped a coffee together for a long time, are all waiting for you. To make these meetings happen vivaciously, comfort and style must go hand in hand in the busy vacation schedule.

To match your palate, women can embrace vibrant coral accessories, trill trousers, Polo and blouses with detailing pattern, while men can boast striped shirts and tropical patterned polo shirts to provide protection for their smart easygoing style.


Sea Sand & Sun




If your vacation plan is ready, we’re ready too!

To complete your holiday suitcase with summer energy, sea shorts, beach slippers, basic t-shirts can create a holiday bag for a man who is far from being overdone.

Vivid colours and tropical patterns will provide an edge to the look. On summer evenings, you will be able to rescue the patterned shirts that you can combine with canvas shorts or pants. Women, this year, can show up in all categories, such as vibrant colours, trendy shirts, blouses, shorts and pants.

Let’s not describe elegance, rather let’s enamour athleisure, which proposes many choices from sunny days to blustery nights.


Tiny Sugars


It is the turn of the most exciting team waiting for the day! We have assembled the most beautiful, coolest combos for children to blush in their vacay.


Whether you explore in the city or plan your seaside holiday, you can keep your style with the oomph and live your family pictures goals by carrying this vivid collection for Bay Vacation from JUMPUSA.

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