Transforming young lives at Salvation tree school in Noida

When it all did began?

In June 2010, a historic journey marked its beginning. Laurie and Varun Sharma laid foundations of Salvation Tree School. Salvation Tree's virtue is what makes it one of the best schools in Noida extension. The school started with a vision to open a world of endless possibilities for underprivileged children.

Where does its virtue come from?

Its founders are stern believers of the Holy Bible. When it came to contributing towards a social cause, God showed them a path. During its initial years, this school in Noida focused on educating the children of the Employees (for free). Little did the founders know that it was the starting of a life-changing journey for over 300 students.

One of the prominent Biblical Principle which the school adheres to is:  Education is astronomically valuable. It is far more valuable than all material things. Like the Proverbs 20:15 says: "Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel".

What does the school strive for?

The school strives to become the best school in Greater Noida. It aims to do so by providing state-of-the-art facilities to each student. With smart classes and a rigorous curriculum, the school is one of the best CBSE schools in Noida.

Giving back to the community.

The founders of this school in Noida believe in giving back to the community, so do we. After going through an extensive list of schools in Noida Extension, Jump USA decided to support the school's humanitarian cause.

Learning the nobility of their cause was an intriguing moment for our company. Our ideas resonate with the school's motto 'In God we trust'. We aim towards making Salvation Tree the best school in Noida extension.

Together, we will create an enriched environment for the harbingers of tomorrow (children). We always keep Biblical proverb 22:22 close to our heart and mind: "Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when, it is in your power to act".

How does Jump USA help?

Jump USA commits to provide significant monetary support to the school. We have the best hopes to create a constructive environment for each student. The future is theirs to see, we want to prepare them for a blooming future.

Jump USA chooses to manifest its belief in the school's cause with extended support. This school in Noida promises the students with the best possibilities and prepares them for the worst competitions.

Is it possible to make such a difference?

We know that all of this is possible. We will reach our goal of providing world-class education along with an impeccable infrastructure to the students. Out of all schools in Greater Noida, students of The Salvation tree School will shine brighter than stars.

We vouch for it because we have witnessed the changes in the lives of the students, staff, and parents of the students. Jump USA extends its support to the school for nurturing young brains in every possible way. It is our shared responsibility to inculcate compassion and knowledge in young minds.

Only when we take a generous step; we will be able to develop the same sense of generosity in these young minds. The school inspires us to work for the greater good of the nation.

Role of the community

Apart from funds and support, the school needs public support. It needs best wishes and hearty prayers.

Today, tomorrow or whenever.

In the morning, in the day-time or at night.

Make time to pray for the people involved in shaping young minds.



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