What is this Festival Bonanza contest all about?

JUMP USA’s Festival Bonanza contest is your chance to win an Echo dot, (an Amazon product) ‘Boat’ ROCKERZ Headphones, or a ‘Boat’ STONE speaker.

When does this contest expire?

This contest is open till the 3rd of November’19 (till 11:59:59 p.m.)

Will the winner get all three gifts?

There will be three winners for this contest. This means that the 1st prize winner gets an Echo dot, the 2nd prize winner gets a Boat rockerz headphones, and the 3rd prize winner gets a Boat stone speaker.

Who is eligible for the contest?

Anybody who shops with us this festival season is eligible to participate in this contest.

However, take note that there are three prizes:

  • To nominate for the first prize, the participant must shop with JUMP USA for a minimum of ₹4999.
  • To nominate for the second prize, the participant must shop for a minimum of ₹2999.
  • To nominate for the third prize, the participant must shop for a minimum of ₹1499.

Will every nominee win the prize?

The first, second and third prize will be awarded to three individuals respectively.

The selection of the winner will be an unbiased process, wherein, we will select three people to give away the stated gifts.

What will the other participants get?

Nominee or not, anyone who shops with JUMP USA, this Festival season, will receive an assured gift on each purchase.

Where and when can I know the results?

The results of this contest will be visible on JUMP USA’s Facebook and Instagram page. We will be announcing the winners on the 5th of November’19.

Will I be eligible for the gift in case I return the order?

No. In the case of returns, the total billing amount decreases. This means that the 'purchase' fails to meet the eligibility criteria to win the prize.

What happens if I shop for a higher amount and return some products? Will  I be eligible for the prize in the lower price range?

No. Once you shop, we make an entry of the same which is non-reversible. This means that if you shop for Rupees 4999 and return products worth 2000, we will not reconsider it as an entry for 2nd prize.