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You gotta make it count!

Winter is upon us, meaning days are getting shorter and beards are getting longer. Basically, it’s time to stumble upon the grooming guide to your beard whilst intertwining the style statement.

1. Flannel Shirt

no shave november

Ever since the clan of ‘hipsters’ became a thing with beards, flannel shirts have found themselves tangled up in the stereotypes. Just as, our Dead pool, Ryan Reynolds has marked a refreshing look this No Shave November. 

2. Men in black 

no shave november

Despite the ubiquity of Men in black as ZacEfron, you can be the eye-candy for all the girls next door in this No-Shave November thing. And, then just wait for your charisma to blowout (Wooaahh!) and reflect back (Xoxo) too. You know what I mean ;)

3. Jacket

no shave november

Winter and leathers are made for each other, proofing Bradley Cooper in this jaw-dropping Machismo vibe. It seems no hard job to tackle leather jackets and beard with style at the same time. Just go with the wind.

4. Shirt

no shave november

Exuding the intensity of ethos by cladding the shirt, it certainly speaks for you like Jared Leto. Being a fan of his beard and long hair by himself, he’s actually made drooling over more than one woman.

5. Polo

no shave november

Polo is a fuller style and when paired like this Hottie, it can turn up as a slimmer silhouette that pushes away the conventional look and embraces the new style statement with that finishing look. Just as, David Beckham is leaving no space for paparazzi. As expected <3

Fellas! Slay out this November cause’ you won’t be moaning for so long once you adopt these style mantras from the style guide to No Shave November.
So take a hike to make your November and your beard count!
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