How to look the hottest on Game day

How to look the hottest on Game day

Whether it is the heat of Indo-Pak cricket match or zest for the Messi playing against Ronaldo, these moments are the most-anticipated one, during which getting dressed can be tricky.

So, cheer up & cheer for your team! And embrace these sweet style cues from favourite starlet, before you head to the field… or the stadium… or the court.

  1. Lots of Accessories

A classic tank and jeans is perfect for a cricket game— being minimalistic on the ensemble by just adding pretty bracelets and fun earrings, Anushka Sharma personally knows "how to not drag Virat Kohli’s attention from the game". J 

  1. Gorgeous Shades


Sure, jacket over shorts works too, but we love game-day aviators as Deepika Padukone is wearing—they're a little sportier than other shapes and are legitimately peppy on her vibe. 

  1. Cute Cuts

 Can’t really see Priyanka’s pullover? That’s cause her skirt is taking centre stage. Undoubtedly, she's the hot girl-next-door —when it comes to vogue, they're laid back but sexy as hell.

  1. Elegance in Stripes

 Meghan Markle has been killing it lately while hanging out at Wimbledon tennis games. She opted for a shirt with wide-leg cream pants and we're obsessed with her hat and simplicity.

  1. A Fitted jersey

Showing her team pride in a top that hugs all the right places like this one, Preity Zinta is looking just sports-perfect!. Oozing the enthusiasm for the players, she is comfortably killing the look in her red jersey, and yeah, of course, with her smile too!

Now, stand up, cheer yourself up and live your bucket game list in possibly the hottest way.


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